Get floodgates of tremendously profitable traffic with our Laser-sharp SEO Strategy.

We use advanced tools & techniques to get quick results.

Partner with us to skyrocket your business.

Because Magnofew is

SEO Audit

Magnofew audits your website with complete SEO strategy and compare from competitors website.

On Page SEO

Magnofew team analyses internal architecture and meta of website and fix all html issues.

Off Page SEO

Magnofew provides Off page SEO Services to promote website. Redirect visitors from another website to your website.

Internet linking

Magnofew team audits & review internal links in web page. They target your focus keywords.

Content Writing

Content is King for SEO. We write content with h1 h2 ... h6 tags & strong tag for focus keywords.

Social Media

Social media is best platform to promote website links on Facebook, Instagram ,Twitter, Linkedin, and others.

Speed Optimization

We Improve website speed with google page speed optimizer and gtmetrix tools. We optimize website up to 90+ score

Seo Reporting

We provide monthly report and analysis ranking of website. you will get better results on google.

Welcome to Magnofew

75% of clicks are made on the first 3 natural search engine results (SERPs). Magnofew is the Best SEO Company specializing in deploying tailor-made SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to improve your search engine results (SERP) visibility. The experts of our SEO agency define your SEO campaign according to your business objectives (visitorship, leads, sales) or to gain places on Google.

We implement personalized action plans with

Data-driven campaigns (driven by data)

Prioritized optimization recommendations according to the expected benefits, the necessary investments and the deadlines to be taken into account.

Our SEO team build action plans over the year with quarterly progress points and monthly or even weekly actions.

At Magnofew, our team will support to:

The Benefits of SEO

The Organic SEO Project Managers of the Magnofew SEO Agency examine in-depth market, your website and that of your competitors. We thus deploy a modular SEO strategy, truly effective to obtain the best performance for your website and set you apart from the competition.

This lever is the basis of any digital communication campaign and makes it possible to improve:

Our Know-How to Exploit the Strengths of SEO

The experts from Magnofew, the Best SEO Company, follow the evolution of algorithms and browsing habits to provide the best-referencing solution for your project:

A Business-Centric Approach

The consultants of the Search Engine Optimization Company Magnofew manage the entire strategy. We work on several on-page and off-page axes, on the creation of your website or during its redesign with a business-centric approach.

At Magnofew, our SEO Experts work on several axes covering:

Our Approach According to Your Sector:

All our support systems are organized according to your projects, the highlights of your sector and the news related to your activity:

We at Magnofew - thanks to many years of experience - are able to offer highly professional SEO consultancy to help you find the best solution to grow on the web.

as Your SEO Agency?

The online presence for those who do business

has become of strategic importance

Having a website guarantees the company to be found and discovered by new customers or to bring the public it already owns closer and more loyal. To be present on search engines, however, it is necessary to have an optimal SEO analysis, that is, to study in the smallest details all those strategies that allow our webspace to have the prominence it deserves.

Thanks to our experience, which extends across different sectors

our team will create a personalized strategy to lead your company towards the desired results. We have used our experience to help some of our clients double their traffic and turnover by + 300% in a few years.

Plus, you can easily contact (and get a response from) your account manager. If you have any questions, want to share information or pass some resources, it's easy to connect with your account manager via email, phone, and even video chat. You don't even have to wait long for your account manager to get back to you, in most cases within the hour.

In addition to helping our clients achieve their goals​

we also provide a client-first experience

that includes:

fast response times transparent pricing and results, and traceable results. As your professional and Creative SEO Agency, we make marketing your business and optimizing your website easier.

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With these reports

it's easy for you (and the rest of your business) to see the performance of your SEO strategy - and our SEO management firm. Our Creative SEO Agency also makes it easy to check your SEO status in real-time by requesting a free consultation.

Magnofew allows you to monitor the performance of all your digital marketing strategies, including SEO. Check the number of leads and SEO-driven sales, for example, or review the best performing pieces of content. Get unrivalled service with fast responses, transparent pricing, and traceable deliveries.

This is why so many companies choose and recommend us for SEO.

In general, there are three SEO activities on which we will focus:

our team will create a personalized strategy to lead your company towards the desired results. We have used our experience to help some of our clients double their traffic and turnover by + 300% in a few years.

Content Marketing- Doing good SEO also means adopting a sound content marketing strategy. As reported in our in-depth analysis, we will create a whole series of relevant and valuable content that can attract attention and engage our audience. of reference. So as to generate positive behaviours towards your company and attachment to your brand.

The Link Building- To best index your business website, we will study an effective link building strategy. We will make sure that your site has the right external links that connect it to the rest of the internet so as to reach the first page in Google and other search engines for the most relevant keywords.

SEO Consultancy in Three Steps, Within The Budget

With us at Magnofew, you will have a step-by-step SEO consultancy, able to grow your business, make you generate more sales or find new customers. We will strive to respect the budget you have available, exploiting it in the most profitable way possible.


Analysis of your business and your possible online presence

Once the SEO consultancy is concluded, we will get to work to give visibility to your business. Our team at Magnofew will follow you step by step, ensuring continuous checks, reports and updates to make the strategy even better. You will receive our advice, and you will always be updated on the results achieved.


Presentation and explanation of the tools useful for you

We will focus on the most suitable solutions for you during our SEO consultancy, illustrating them clearly, highlighting the costs and the potential economic return. Understanding how important it is to maintain a good online presence will help you choose the path to take wisely. We at Magnofew do our best to make this investment as profitable as possible, leading you to clear and clear results.


Analysis and reports

The first step we will take together will be to do a market analysis and know the characteristics of your work sector. If you already have a site, we will evaluate its performance and propose the best solutions to optimize it. If you do not have it, we will analyze which objectives can help you achieve its creation and which structure suits your business the most.


Creating a website allows you to build your identity on the web. Natural referencing will make it visible in Google and thus attract new visitors. Natural referencing, also called SEO, is a term encompassing a set of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of your website in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu or Yandex.

More than 95% of people use Google as a search engine and the main gateway to browsing the internet. Therefore, appearing in the first position on a specific query represents a major opportunity for a company. This is precisely what SEO Experts at Magnofew will strive to achieve.

Your organic visibility defines your degree of notoriety on the web. Thus, if you are visible in the SERPs of search engines, you maximize your chances of being seen by Internet users and attracting visits to your site. For some companies, SEO is the number 1 acquisition channel for generating new customers.

It is difficult to answer this question with a precise number. As we have seen, it all depends on the type of SEO Services that your SEO agency will carry out; and, therefore, the time and the team to mobilize. Moreover, the right question to ask is perhaps not how much does an SEO service cost, but how much does it bring in?! Indeed, if entrusting your referencing to an agency is an investment, it is intended to generate more traffic, and therefore conversions, and therefore turnover.

Being correctly referenced on search engines is also a matter of patience. Concretely, it is unreasonable to wait for the first results on your star keywords before 3 months. 6 months seems like an average time to confirm your positions on Google. However, again, it depends on several parameters, starting with the competition on the keywords, your starting positions, the density of targeted keywords, the inclusion of long-tail queries, your media coverage. What matters above all is making constant progress and maintaining your positions over time. For this, no secrecy of referrer; it is enough to consult your statistics. You have an SEO project; you want to position yourself on a list of keywords, entrust your SEO to Magnofew. Our internal SEO agency works in synergy on different levers and already has very good E-Commerce references.

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