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If the web is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy

search engine optimization is essential for your online business. In fact, search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to generate long term consistent traffic. Therefore, you need to hire a professional and dedicated SEO agency with many years of experience.

solid experience in optimizing corporate and eCommerce websites for positioning on search engines and are also constantly updated on the latest news and changes in Google’s algorithms in order to always respect the required requirements from the search engine to obtain a long-lasting good positioning in the SERP.

Each project will be customized and modulated according to the budget you decide to make available (we have different plans to intercept your every need). We will not apply the tacit renewal, and you are free to discontinue and evaluate based on the results obtained. It’s our way of giving you value, and you want to make sure you have an SEO agency at your disposal; we are always ready to deliver the best results in your target market it’s finished.


Getting a good ranking on Google undoubtedly has numerous advantages: your site will receive qualified traffic, and profits will grow. SEO consulting remains one of our strengths, and we assist many companies and professionals in SEO positioning. The aspects that make Magnofew unique are the constant updating; after being involved in hundreds of projects and having developed extensive experience in the field, we add our own help service: we respond quickly guarantee maximum flexibility and online support. And if necessary, we also intervene on the weekends.

An SEO consultant cannot succeed if he is limited to his area of expertise only. An effective digital marketing strategy for a business is only achieved if the synergy between SEO and SEA is achieved. As a reminder, SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and consists of allocating an advertising budget to be displayed in sponsored ads in the search engine results. Completing a SEA on Google means investing in Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. 

To get back to the synergy that should exist between SEO and SEA, it is often necessary to ask whether it pays to spend your budget on getting to the top of Google Ads if your page is ranked on the page at the same time as the first organic position,

Social networks are the most widespread community on the Internet, where millions of users around the world gather for dialogue and interaction. Day by day, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram are growing, just to name the most famous, exponentially and recording more and more frequent hits and long browsing sessions. A valid social media marketing strategy should lead to the growth of its audience, improve brand awareness and lead to the acquisition of specific contacts.

which will be nurtured and loyal after being attracted to different types of initiatives and thus also goal-oriented.The advice from our social networking agency is aimed at small and large companies, brands and professionals who intend to effectively manage social networks and develop actions that guarantee tangible and measurable results.

Digital marketing

Whatever your needs and goals, our agency can guarantee you professional digital marketing services and advice to start your business! For years, we have supported the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, multinationals, start-ups and large companies by developing sophisticated marketing strategies and providing advanced digital services. Our team of experts has gained many years of experience in e-commerce, lead generation and the retail sector and has become the digital reference partner for many B2B and B2C companies.

SEO, SEM, SEA … Unless you are an expert, it’s easy to get confused. Suffice it to say that there are many organic and paid activities, or search engine marketing campaigns, working through SEO and SEA to increase qualified traffic from search engines. At xxx, our team will assist you so that customers who need you can easily find you. To do this, we will create and optimize your Google Ads campaigns and give you all the tips you need to make it work even in complete independence.

Today, with the ever-increasing rise in smartphone searches that use the key “near me” or are linked to a particular city, such as an “SEO agency”, it is becoming increasingly important to have an organic insight into a specific geographic area. To do this, you do not need a magician, but an SEO specialist, an expert in local SEO. We at Magnofew also take care of this branch of SEO and will help you improve the geolocation of your company’s website on search engines.

Do you have a hotel, restaurant, dental clinic or are you a craftsman? Please contact us. Local SEO is what you need.

Why Choose Our Services?

Magnofew was born with a dual spirit, technical (SEO) and creative (web design agency); We are at the service of those who need to implement a result-oriented digital marketing and SEO strategy and need concrete and professional assistance to get the most out of their website. To find out more, request a quote; Magnofew will recommend a bespoke project.