Welcome to Magnofew

Organic Search or SEO, is placing your site in the first search engine results according to keywords related to your activity. The objective is that when an Internet user is looking for a product to buy, service or information that concerns your sector of activity or your profession, it will find your site first rather than another.

Magnofew, a digital agency, offers a methodology for generating hot leads or prospects based on natural referencing. Magnofew masters all the methods and techniques for optimizing your site’s web content to improve your website’s visibility in search engines, generate qualified traffic and transform them into qualified leads.

The values of our Agency

1. Simple and effective collaboration!

The best results are usually delivered when the collaboration between your teams and ours is most effective. Thanks to our Project Managers involved in your site, we establish lasting partnerships with our customers that allow projects to move forward effectively.

SEO is collaborative work

which requires regular communication between the agency and the client. As specialists in your field, no one is better placed to answer questions relating to your industry. For our part, as professionals in natural and paid referencing as well as site creation, we put our technical skills at your service.

This allows you to have a site consistent with your expectations and those of your customers but also optimized for SEO, technically clean and in line with current standards and codes.

2. Regular training– For our greatest pleasure

Our SEO and site creation agency is very involved in the training of our SEO team. Based on education and support, we make every effort to ensure that our seo team is fully trained and well aware of the trends in SEO services we offer.

To do this

we offer our SEO team the possibility of attending the training that we regularly provide free of charge. These advanced training and other conferences offer you a vision without taboos of our profession throughout the services.

In the case of site creation and redesign services with our teams of developers, we also train our clients on the basic concepts relating to your site. The purpose of this training is to give you the basic knowledge necessary to take control of your site in the event of the need for modification or minor concerns.

The training generally is designed to increase your skills naturally. By coming to attend one or more of our training sessions, you will be able to meet our teams and have a concrete look at the project we are carrying out together.

3. Concrete results for your satisfaction

The greatest pleasure of our project managers is to bring you concrete results. We assure you of transparency on the optimizations made and the results obtained. You follow our service through regular reports, the Google Analytics tool, as well as our results monitoring tool, developed internally by our SEO agency.

Why we are made for you?

Our philosophy

The main goal for us is that you must succeed in achieving your goal, your sales, your presence or your bad reputation. We will study your problem and analyze your site. What is your performance, what needs to be improved, and what does not? Magnofew makes sure that everything is done to meet your expectations and goals.

We work from a global perspective by working in every way (website related technology, SEO, SEA, remarketing, link building, social networking, etc.). Most agencies focus only on the technical aspects of their website. However, once your site is online, you need to maintain and improve your site to attract traffic and achieve high quality. Whether you’re starting from scratch, redesigning or optimizing an already built website, our services cater to your needs and budget.

Our areas of action

1. Keyword Research and Competitor Research

Strategic keyword research allows you to maximize suitable terms on all the right pages. When done well, keyword research allows you to structure your content, pages, blog posts, product descriptions, etc.

2 Configuration and Analytical Review

With Google Analytics, you can monitor your SEO progress, trends, and growth to identify and resolve issues and areas for improvement. You can also see how a particular keyword affects traffic and sales. Google Analytics can help you set and track goals, generate reports or see where your customers are coming from.

3. Link Building Campaigns

Link research is still an important part of your SEO campaign. This is because link building is not the only quality site that redirects to your site. Finding the right link is about finding the right link, both in terms of quantity and quality.

4. Social media campaigns

There is a big overlap between SEO and marketing, and social media campaigns are very effective for both. However, it must be appropriately tailored to your audience to be effective.

5. SEA campaigns

Optimizing campaigns on Google Adwords and getting a good return on investment requires professional knowledge to target the right keywords and dedicated pages and maximize ad quality. To be successful, a SEA strategy is necessary. Graduated by Google, our agency has Google Adwords certified experts who optimize and manage your SEA campaigns.

6. Site creation

At Magnofew, our team of developers works in collaboration with the SEO department. In this way, we create websites that reflect your identity and use the latest technology in terms of web development. All pages are optimized to be displayed by Google and other search engines.

We also provide other services, from switching to HTTPS to local SEO or video SEO. We are specialized in penalty release for sites that have been penalized by Google. Finally, we offer site hosting on one of our dedicated servers.